A number of bonus videos are listed below.

Please watch them all.

The evidence is overwhelming that

9/11 was an inside job!


An Argument Against the "Official Version"


The 9/11 Commission's Report:

Omissions and Distortions


Explosions and Seismic Recordings


Investigators Simply Ignored The Evidence


Molten Metal and Willful Ignorance


Motive For The Crime


People Reported Explosions


Plane Crashes and Fires

Did NOT Cause The Collapses


Many People Had Prior Knowledge

That WTC#7 Was Going To Be DEMOLISHED


Proof That Explosives Were Used


Security Irregularities


The Controlled Demolition Industry


Thermate (an explosive)

Has Been Scientifically Discovered

In The World Trade Center Rubble


World Trade Center Building #7

More Information


World Trade Center Building #7

Even More Information


Difficult Approach To The Pentagon


No Pentagon Video Evidence


Global Hawk


Are We Truly in Danger? 


9/11 Was An Inside Job!

The Mantra of the 9/11 Truth Movement

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